PS4 Remote Play Android Tutorial How to Install.

PS4 Remote Play on Android, Windows PC, iPhone, Chromebook

Remote Play PS4 Android | PS4 Remote Play APK Download

remote play ps4 download: PS4 is popular game introduced by SONY to change game industry. you can use Remote Play PS4 Android to play the game through your device. latest apk of remote play ps4 is 2018 2.6.2 comes for the implement. specifically this android app is designed for the gamers who have no TV to play game. you can establish connection between smartphone and PS4 for playing game without troubleshooting. smartphone and PS4 are using same network and better to use local network. console based game is good game but extensively smartphone market grows up. X-peria start to gain attention because of advance and sophisticated technology.  Xperia series was produced by Sony as per market demand. that is opportunity to put two things in a single manner. PS4 do not used Smartphone for the game, but used HD TV for the game.

“Remote Play allows to PSP system to connect wirelessly to a PS3 system and transfers some functionality of the PS3 to the PSP system. With remote play, a PSP system may access files that are located on the PS3, as well as, play certain software titles…”

Playstation Remote Play on Android Tutorial

PS4 is the bridge for the Android gamer to continue their game on a smartphone, especially on Xperia. without any interrupt, you can play the game anywhere anytime. you do not have place to play on HD TV for PS4 its very comfortable. it is an app to support PS4 and smartphones. several matters must be considered when you used this app. it is better to use at local level and home level to enjoy gaming.  the games in PS4 are more advance than smartphone version so you have to need high speed connection. before using this app check battery capacity it consumes more power, for resolve it you can use some part of remote play PS4  will help to manage this part.

remote play ps4

You have an account in Sony Entertainment Network to synchronize this app and device. generally, you may only use the latest version of app and smartphone of Sony. some gamer try connection with other smartphone. some of work are properly but here Xperia is right device to install. This app is available on Google Play Store. when your device is not from SONY then try SDK mode.

PS4 Remote Play APK Features


  • On smartphone, you can play PS4.
  • This app is easy to installation.
  • Enjoy gaming anywhere.


  • This app was works better only for Xperia.
  • You need extra  tool to control the smartphone.
  • It needs fast internet connection.
  • In this mode, some games are not available.

Requirements of PS4 Remote Play

  • Android 4.2+
  • Done PS4 setup

ps4 remote play on android

What is Remote Play?

Remote Play enables you to stream on your Windows PC / laptop,Mac or Android device and play PS4 games.

How to use Remote play PS4 

First of all check the connectivity  because you need to be in the same network for controller and smartphone. after open it and go to settings part. then after select the remote part and rest mode. You will establish connection for smartphone to reach PS4. Rest mode will reduce power consumption and game playing for long time. for the stability, it is better to use local or home network. keep additional tool to control over the smartphone.

PS4 Remote play older version

  • PS4 Remote Play 2.5.0 APK (20500) : it is updated in March 9, 2018.
  • PS4 Remote Play 2.0.0 APK(20000) : it is updated in ocober 11, 2017.

you can enjoy your favorite PlayStation 4 games using a wireless DUALSHOCK device and your Sony account by using this app.  all games include this feature, you can indeed send content from a lot of them to the screens of your choice, including your Android smartphone, tablets, TVs, or any type of monitor – just so long as you can connect them to the corresponding WiFi network.

How to remotely play PS4 games on Android devices

  1. Go to on PS4 settings and choose the Remote Play Connection settings.
  2. Check enable Remote Play.
  3. Configure the settings in your device.go to the setting app.
  4. Go to on tab security and choose the unknown sources and turning on unknown sources.
  5. Download and install remote play ps4 app.
  6. Then Launch the app and choose the Next.
  7. sign in applictaion
  8. Establish Connection between PS4 controller and android device.

Connection with Bluetooth,


1. Hold Share button and the PS button until it starts flashing, then PS Turned into paired mode.

2. Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth Device.

3. Find the available devices and tap the device to connect.

4. Connection Successfully. Manage your device with your PS4 controller.


Connection with USB OTG cable


1. Connect PS4 controller and android device by using USB OTG cable.

2. Click on Register and press the PS button on your controller.

3. You can see popup message box to accept USB permissions.

4. Now play the PS4 games remotely.


Features of PS4 remoteplay

  • Root Check Disabled.
  • Check Connection Speed  Removed.
  • Wifi Check Removed by PS4 RemotePlay.
  • XML/JAR Dependencies Removed by PS4 Remoteplay.
  • Min Required SDK to 4.2.
  • Native controller Support for Dualshock.
  • Recording restriction removed in PS4 Remote Play.

PS4 Remote Play on Android MOD APK

you need to follow the below link which will leads you to the download page. you must have to download that application in order to work ps4 remote on android devices. beware this is mod apk so you might get few warnings on your devices.

remote play apk install

so after you install app and open it for the first time, Remote Play app will ask you to add DualShock controller. you are not forced to use this so press the “Skip Button” here. After that, tap the “Next” button at the top of the screen, then sign into your PlayStation account.

ps4 remote play apk install

This must be the final step as after this you should automatically located to the gameplay interface. you’ll see all of the regular PlayStation controls on the bottom half of the screen, and you can use these to navigate your PS4’s interface and play games.

If you shake your device or rotate your device, you’ll be in the landscape mode within fraction of second. landscape mode is the best to play as you’ll be able to use the full screen.

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