PS4 Remote Play for iOS iPhone App Tutorial

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Today we are going to publish installation of PS4 Remote play on iPhone.Today’s generation is loving to play the game on the windows system specially its hard to connect ps4 controller to iphone. Nowadays people can play PS4 Remote Play on iPhone with advanced features. Now iPhone remote play ps4 is available in Appstore. Remote Play can stream and play PlayStation 4 games directly from your PS4 on your IOS mobile. You don’t need to have mirror iphone to ps4.¬† Local multiplayer is not available using two DS4 controllers on Windows PCs, but you can play local multiplayer if a person is playing on a PC and Others can play on PS4.

PS4 Remote Play iOS

Stream your PS4 games on your iPhone. You can enjoy your PS4 Remote Play by staying away from the TV or staying away from home while streaming on the Internet.Currently, the latest version of PS4 is available in the market, 1080p support for PS4 Pro users is also included. Initially, the problem was resolved due to streaming video during the second seconds. Currently upgraded technical support platforms accessed by new technology to support real-time instant messaging Is there.

Requirements for PS4 Remote Play on iPhone

Your PS4 needs to be connected by your home network LAN. then after you can play ps4 on iphone. If you are connected to your iPhone 5 GHz WiFi network, you get the best streaming experience. Your PS4 needs to be linked to the PSN account, your PSN password is not needed. The PS4 requires iOS 8.0 or later to install in your iPhone, in addition, it must be compatible with the iPhone. check out: PS4 Remote Play APK

PS4 Remote Play is a free trial software application from the Recreation subcategory, part of the Home & Hobby category.PS4 Remote Play is currently available in English and it is updated version and be installed on iOS.PS4 feature is the ability to officially play remote games on Mac or Windows PCs, installing a companion remote play app on a single network or away, allows players to play remote PS4 games near the TV, in which the PS4 The Dual Shock 4 controller is plugged into a computer via USB or Bluetooth Dongle. It is so easy to use, now the remote play is unofficially distributed on the iPhone device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Play iPhone

The PS4 is available in the App Store for download,which is an application that lets the PS4’s remote play functionality come to the iPhone, rather than the Dual Shock 4 controller, with on-screen touch controls that will usually be used during gaming.

Whatever the misuse of the system ts has misused, we will tell you how many uses of PS4 is and how much abuse it is.


– PS4 is the portable gaming

– For playing PS4 requires the use of TV.

– Seamless performance is seen with a decrease and delay

РPs4 Controller is not yet supported by iphone

– Experience uninterrupted gameplay.



– PSN account is required to play PS4 specially to play ps4 iphone, in short PS4 must be linked with PSN Account

– Not all games are relevant at all

– The official Sony app is not required either

– For all less intensive games specially comparing to the PS4 Remote Play PC Version.


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